Going on hiatus - NM Tea Co is awesome.

So it's Friday and I still haven't done a tea post... Still really busy!

Uhm, New Mexico Tea Company is awesome. More to come.


Gardening with Tabitha

Cats on Tuesday

Still no trout. I have not been fishing for a couple days because I have been busy getting my garden ready. Tabby has been helping, she likes rolling in the dirt and sniffing things. Every spring and summer Tabitha likes to follow me to the garden and pretend she's in a jungle.

Cheeto has found something besides her cat condo nest to sit on. She likes admiring herself in the mirror.

... Yeah, it's short this week.


Butiki Teas - Pumpkin Creme Brulee and Pineapple Cilantro Cream

I think I am going to start doing my tea posts on Friday until classes are done. Thursdays I am usually so busy finishing my American Lit assignments to blog. I know I could just finish my assignments earlier in the week, or do my blog posts earlier and schedule them to be posted on Thursday, but I doubt I will.

So I will aim for Thursday but probably hit Friday, at least until classes end for the summer. 

This week is Butiki Tea, Pineapple Cilantro Cream and Pumpkin Creme Brulee. Butiki has some really unusual but high quality teas.

NOT a slug
While I was ordering some of the pumpkin creme brulee my curiosity got the better of me and I ordered some of this tea too. I think this is the most unusual tea I have.

When I opened the bag (cute bags too, btw) I was at first startled by what I thought was some kind of white slug clinging to the inside of the bag just about above the tea. It took me a couple minutes before I realized it was just a piece of pineapple. I felt pretty stupid. Apart from the pineapple pieces being mistaken for slugs by my nearsighted self this tea is very attractive looking; vivid green leaves, little bright pink flowers.

The taste is pretty good, I am not usually a big fan of pineapple but it had a nice taste without that strange mouthfeel eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice gives me. I did not really notice any creaminess or the cilantro.

I had been down about David's Tea pumpkin chai not being available so I ordered Butiki's Creme Brulee. I had heard good things about it and I noticed it has pumpkin flakes, the best pumpkin teas have real squash or pumpkin in them.

I was looking for a tea to help me cope until fall when David's Tea has their pumpkin chai again and I think I found one. Actually this tea ties with David's Tea Pumpkin chai. It is not as spicy as the pumpkin chai I love, but it is even more pumpkiny. I never thought a tea could be more pumpkin than David's Tea Pumpkin

This tea tastes like someone liquified and heated the inside of a pumpkin pie. This tea is so good. I had it with a little milk and brown sugar. The only way I can think to make this better would be to top it with whipped cream which I do not have right now.

For some reason the tea smells like green pumpkin vines.

Butiki Teas: I hope you keep this tea available year-round!
chai. I am putting this tea on a shelf next to the Pumpkin Chai and playing romantic music hoping the two will reproduce.
If I have money I think I will be ordering more Pumpkin Creme Brulee to tide me over until David's Pumpkin Chai returns. 

Now I am going to try getting some sleep. I am hoping to go fishing in the morning, I still have not caught a trout. I also need to work on my garden.

Update - the Pumpkin Creme brulee is available year round. 


So this is Spring

Not exaggerating about the enormous minnows
Opening Day for Trout Season was Saturday in Connecticut. I was going to do an opening day post Monday, but since I didn't catch any trout I could not write much without whining. All I can seem to do is catch enormous minnows and lose lures. I even tried using powerbait nuggets, normally a guarantee to catch a stocked trout early in the season, and the $&*#@( minnows ate that too!

So on to Cats on Tuesday.

Cheeto is being really sweet and adorable as usual, she does this thing where she will roll around chasing her tail. I think she's a small long-tailed polar bear.

I stacked a box full of gardening stuff on top of a laundry basket, and piled some fishing stuff (line, a telescoping rod, some bobbers, etc,) on top of he box. Of course Pout had to jump onto the box and when he jumped off he tipped over the basket and now my fishing gear is scattered all over a quarter of my room. At least there are no loose hooks to worry about. I think Cheeto enjoyed playing with one of the bobbers that I will never find again. I usually don't lose fishing gear until I get it to the water.


Boston Marathon and David's Tea - The Chai Collection

I was in Boston last week. Boston is such a neat city, besides all the history of the place there are so many things to see and do there. Whenever I get a chance to go to Boston I take it. While I was in Boston I took a walk over to the David's Tea store on Washington Street, the staff was friendly and I was relieved to read that they are safe. I saw signs for the Boston Marathon and even though I am not into sports I thought the Marathon would be something interesting to see.

I am deeply saddened by what happened at the Marathon. Three people killed, including an 8-year-old boy, so many injured... Such a thing should never happen.

Of course there are already rumors circulating about the Marathon bombing. Please verify before you click share or forward. Snopes and ThatsNonesense already have pages up on the Boston Marathon. Also there will probably be fake charities run by scam artists using the Boston Marathon so be careful who you donate to. The One Fund is a genuine charity set up to help the victims.


Nesting Cats

Cats on Tuesday

Sorry, I'm late again. I am actually hanging out with my sister's cats tonight. I will try to post some pics next week. Tawny got a haircut and is looking handsome. Miss Kitty is looking round and colorful.

My own cats have been having a good week. They got to have their own late Easter Egg hunt, if i ever get the time I will edit and upload the video of that... Maybe I will have it in time of Easter 2015. They got a lot of treats and some new catnip mice, and a cat condo.

Cheeto loves to sleep in the nest on top of hte condo, it is just the right size for her. I put it next to my desk so while I'm working on my computer she will curl up in her nest and be near me. Every now and then she'll give a chirrup so I will pet her and she will purr. The other day while she was feeling frisky and jumping around she squeezed into the middle condo and gave a chirp so I would look and see where she was. Her own fluffiness was forcing her out of the middle condo. Cheeto thought it was very funny.

One side of the condo is covered in sisal so all the cats like scratching it, but mostly ignore it. Sometimes, when Cheeto is not curled up on top, Pout will lay in the top nest for a little while but I do not think he really cares about it. He only goes in there because Cheeto spends a lot of time there and he gets jealous. He has his own nest, a plastic Christmas wreath.


Is it a Hoax? And Zhena's Raspberry Earl Grey

So I am getting a tea post done in time. Or almost on time, depending on when I finish typing and hit publish.

Am I the only one who thinks this story about a woman drinking 100 cups of tea a day for 17 years is just a hoax? Those who have not read the story a woman supposedly drank 100 cups of tea a day for 17 years and now has high bone density. The story is usually under the headline about how tea is actually bad for you. There are a few things about this story that make me think it's a joke.
  • The story came out shortly before April Fools Day. Tea being healthy is being exaggerated all over the place, someone overdoing tea drinking until her bones got messed up is something of a joke.
  • How can this woman afford 100 bags of tea a day? I understand that not everyone drinks fancy expensive teas but even so that much tea adds up.
  • How can anyone drink 100 cups of anything a day and not die of water poisoning? Was she working out hard and sweating it out? Unless she kept the tea near the toilet she would not have enough time to drink half that much a day- the human bladder can only hold so much for so long and tea is a diuretic. Did she just stay home all day drinking tea? That's what I do most days but even I don't have enough time to drink that much.
  • Another story says she did not drink 100 cups but actually made a pitcher of tea every day with 100-150 tea bags and drank it. I go through about 100 cups wit ha tea in a month. That tea had to be strong enough to float a horse shoe. I drink a lot of tea but if I drink more than 4 cups too closely together at regular strength I get the caffeine jitters. Unless it was decaf or a caffeine free herbal she had to be getting way too much caffeine. The average 8 oz cup of tea (how much you get with the average teabag) has 15-70 mg of caffeine, if she used 100-150 teabags she was consuming 1.5-10.5 grams of caffeine a day from tea alone, even more if she just left the teabags in the pitcher all day. She probably stretched out her tea drinking all day but she had to be close to caffeine toxicity. I can only imagine the insomnia and anxiety she would suffer.
  • Then the article ends with this: "she is now hooked on another beverage: Diet Coke". Diet Coke is another drink that people think is healthy because it does not have sugar, but it's not healthy at all. Diet Coke and other sodas are said to lower bone density and contribute to osteoporosis. Another reason why I think this whole story is a joke. Or at least is being treated as one.
 If the story is true of course I wish this woman well.

Now how about a tea review?
Zhena's Gypsy Tea Raspberry EG

I had been wanting to try a raspberry Earl Grey ever since I heard about Ovation Teas Raspberry EG. Ovation Tea is no more but I googled up another raspberry Earl Grey, this one by Zhena's Gypsy Tea. I thought the price on the website seemed a little high, especially for a bagged tea so I never ordered it. But last week I was browsing the teas at Ocean State Job Lot (a store almost identical to Big Lots) and was shocked to find tins of Zhena's Raspberry Earl Grey for only $2! I can afford that, though I was afraid that the tea would not be very good. Most of the tea I buy cheap at Ocean State tends to be dried up, stale, weak and not very good tasting. But I was curious and bought it. The tin had a small dent on the lid, I think the other tins may have also been dented, so maybe they were at Ocean State and on sale for so cheap because of the lightly damaged cans being unsuitable for sale at full price?
I steeped it for about 3 minutes with freshly boiled water. Here's my Steepster review:

Zhena's Gypsy Tea Raspberry EG

 It's been so long since I last posted a tasting note. Class has me so busy lately. *sigh*

I have been wanting to try this tea for a while, and was surprised to find a tin of it at Ocean State Job Lot. Ocean State's teas aren't always the best (Ocean State is a lot like Big Lots) they tend to be old and dried up. So I was worried that I would not be getting the best possible first impression of Zhena's Gypsy Tea. However the tin must have been well sealed, or the tea fresher than most tea I have found at this store, because it did not taste the least bit stale and has a nice aroma dry.

I steeped it for only 3 minutes but found it on the bitter side. Not too bitter but still a little more bitter than I would prefer my Earl Grey. A shorter steep time might improve the bitterness. I added a little sugar and it was better, bitterness-wise. Also a little milk does not hurt it.

Overall it is a good bagged Earl Grey, a lot of bergamot flavor and a good hint of raspberry. Most flavored Earl Greys do not have enough bergamot to satisfy me but this tea does. I usually wind up not liking raspberry teas but am happy to report that this is one of the raspberry teas I like.

I think this tin was like two bucks, I will have to get back to Ocean State and get some more.
Zhena's Gypsy Tea Raspberry EG

I really liked the tea but I probably will not be buying more of it anytime soon, I have so much tea I have not even tried yet. I got in an order from NM Tea Company and Butiki Teas just today, and I am planning on putting in another small order with Upton Teas in the near future (I need small tins... and to try their chocolate Earl Grey) so getting more of a tea I already have is something I am going to avoid.

In other news I bought a glass mug because I thought it would look better on my blog. Unfortunately the mouth of this new mug has a 3.5" diameter and my widest tea strainer has a 3" diameter meaning the tea strainer will fall into the mug. So I am looking into other tea strainers or figuring out a way to hold up the strainer, besides standing there holding the handle.

Ah, it's after midnight so I am not getting this post published before midnight after all. But it's not my fault, I think my computer is updating and the photo uploader does not want to work. And the ^#*@ pictures do not want to go where I want them to and it is seriously ticking me off. Maybe I should just give up on photos and make everyone just read.

If I get the #^@&* uploader to work here's a hint at what brand of tea I plan on reviewing next week: