Nesting Cats

Cats on Tuesday

Sorry, I'm late again. I am actually hanging out with my sister's cats tonight. I will try to post some pics next week. Tawny got a haircut and is looking handsome. Miss Kitty is looking round and colorful.

My own cats have been having a good week. They got to have their own late Easter Egg hunt, if i ever get the time I will edit and upload the video of that... Maybe I will have it in time of Easter 2015. They got a lot of treats and some new catnip mice, and a cat condo.

Cheeto loves to sleep in the nest on top of hte condo, it is just the right size for her. I put it next to my desk so while I'm working on my computer she will curl up in her nest and be near me. Every now and then she'll give a chirrup so I will pet her and she will purr. The other day while she was feeling frisky and jumping around she squeezed into the middle condo and gave a chirp so I would look and see where she was. Her own fluffiness was forcing her out of the middle condo. Cheeto thought it was very funny.

One side of the condo is covered in sisal so all the cats like scratching it, but mostly ignore it. Sometimes, when Cheeto is not curled up on top, Pout will lay in the top nest for a little while but I do not think he really cares about it. He only goes in there because Cheeto spends a lot of time there and he gets jealous. He has his own nest, a plastic Christmas wreath.

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  1. Hahaha ! what a strange napping place ! cats have a lot of phantasy !