So this is Spring

Not exaggerating about the enormous minnows
Opening Day for Trout Season was Saturday in Connecticut. I was going to do an opening day post Monday, but since I didn't catch any trout I could not write much without whining. All I can seem to do is catch enormous minnows and lose lures. I even tried using powerbait nuggets, normally a guarantee to catch a stocked trout early in the season, and the $&*#@( minnows ate that too!

So on to Cats on Tuesday.

Cheeto is being really sweet and adorable as usual, she does this thing where she will roll around chasing her tail. I think she's a small long-tailed polar bear.

I stacked a box full of gardening stuff on top of a laundry basket, and piled some fishing stuff (line, a telescoping rod, some bobbers, etc,) on top of he box. Of course Pout had to jump onto the box and when he jumped off he tipped over the basket and now my fishing gear is scattered all over a quarter of my room. At least there are no loose hooks to worry about. I think Cheeto enjoyed playing with one of the bobbers that I will never find again. I usually don't lose fishing gear until I get it to the water.

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