Cats - Happy Easter

It's been a week already? And it's already April. Dang. Still busy with classes but at least I'm not sick anymore. I have a couple more things going on this month:

  • Camp NaNowriMo is this month (and again in August). You might have noticed the link in my sidebar. It is like NaNoWriMo in November, only more flexible. You can set your own wordcount goal, I am aiming for only 35,000 words. I like to plot out novels ahead of time, but so far all I have is a vague idea that I realize is a lot like "The Bottle Imp" by Robert Louis Stevenson. No character notes, not even names. I have not written a single word yet either.
  • Trout Season in Connecticut opens on the 20th. I need to put some fresh line on my favorite rod and get my stuff together. Not sure where I'll fish on opening day but I'll be fishing somewhere. Hopefully I'll catch something. 
  • Need to get started on my final project for my Lit class. 
  • National Library Week? Huh. Well won't that be fun. Begins on the 14th of this month.
  • Get my garden started, do some planting, especially later in the month. I already planted some sugar snap peas and put down some gardening fabric. I still need to get some seedlings started. If I do any good I'll blog about it.

 Now Cats on Tuesday:

This week I am featuring my sister's cats, my other sister, not the one with the kitten. Myss Kytti is a calico (and was mortal enemies with Rivkah during the brief time they were under the same roof) and her other cat is Tawny Scrawny Lion (he's a little strange) a very long haired golden cat who sports a lion cut. They celebrated Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt. Check out the video (Those subbed by email may not get the video):

Happy cats. Makes me wish I did something for my cats on Easter. Maybe I can get some plastic Easter Eggs on clearance.


  1. LOL ! that's a rather slow Easter egg hunting ! you should have put some mousie perfume on the eggs !

  2. The cats didn't seem too interested in those eggs. I didn't do anything special for my cats this Easter either so don't feel too bad.