Celestial Seasoning - Sweet Coconut Thai Chai

I got an order in from Adagio last week, but have been too busy to do a proper tasting with photos and all thanks to my classes. And all but one of my teas from Adagio contain caffeine and I have been having trouble falling asleep so I resorted to a decaffeinated bagged tea last night for my blog.

  I prefer looseleaf teas but there are a few decent bagged teas out there. Also bagged teas are cheap, I can usually find Celestial Seasoning teas on sale 2 for $5. A while back I had gotten some of their Sweet Coconut Thai Chai.It is one of the first chais I have ever tried and still one of my favorites.

The tea part is a mix of rooibos (which is already caffeine free) and decaffeinated black tea. There's a bunch of different spices and coconut flavor.

My Steepster review:

Is it just me or does this tea get better when you’re getting closer to the bottom of the box?
This is a bagged tea but it’s still really good. Very spicy, strong hints of coconut. Even awesomer if you use a flavored coffee creamer, like pumpkin spice or chocolate, like most milk teas are improves with flavored creamers. When I can’t use fancy creamers I use milk (whole milk is better) and add honey instead of sugar.
I decided to try the chai iced last night. This added a few extra steps. I was supposed to add the milk to the ice separately, and to allow the chai to cool before adding it to the ice. The chai was still warm when I added it to the ice so the ice melted and the chai turned out weak and watery. But it is still a good chai if you make it properly.

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