The Cats - A Kitten (not mine)

Cats on Tuesday

I was away from home for a couple days. Pout missed me, he hung around my mother a lot, cheating on me. But I saw other cats myself while I was away. I got to meet my nephew's kitten.

He has a cute face

I always forget how small kittens are. Such a tiny little thing. Mean too, likes to chew on my fingers. I tried to teach him how to play fetch since he was already carrying one of his favorite toys and he actually did bring the toy back to me but he might have been heading that way already.

Pout is unaware of me meeting any kittens and was happy to see me. Whenever I called him he'd come running over like a kitten who just learned his name, tail held high, "mew mew mew!" and purring loudly. He's still happy that I'm back.

Yeah, old photos but he won't let me take his picture right now.

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  1. My cats ignore me the first hours because I dared to go away, lol ! but then it gets back to normal. Kittens are so cute !