Two Pumpkin Teas - DAVID's Tea and Adagio

Ok, after doing my tea post last minute last week I made up my mind to make my tea post early this week.

And here I am writing this at 10:30 on Thursday.

I blame classes.

Adagio Pumpkin spice

I was going to review the teas I got from Adagio but still I have not had time to properly review them all... But I have a half-done review on Adagio's Pumpkin Spice tea.

Here is my Steepster review:

Tastes more flowers and spices than actually like pumpkin. A little disappointing. But not too bad a tea by itself.

Adagio Pumpkin Spice
I thought I could improve it by using brown sugar instead of white... but it still does not taste much like pumpkin, just pumpkin pie spice. Very inferior to David's Tea Pumpkin chai.

Yeah, I'm afraid I did not like the Adagio Pumpkin tea very much. It stained my teacup really bad too.

But I have had some good pumpkin tea this week. I got a little of DAVID's Tea pumpkin chai. It's awesome. Steepster Review:

David's Tea Pumpkin Chai

I have been wanting to try this tea for months and finally got it in a swap. I am not disappointed. It tastes like pumpkin, really like pumpkin, not just like cinnamon and nutmeg like a lot of pumpkin teas. I had it with some brown sugar and some half&half.

I will need to order a couple ounces of this. 

It costs $6.75 for 50 grams (about 1.75 oz, 15+ cups), then another $5 for shipping... So I will need to scrape together a bit of cash for it. It is more expensive than most of the other pumpkin teas I've looked at but worth it. Check out the ingredients:

David's Tea Pumpkin chai
Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, squash, carrot, caramel bits, pumpkin candies.

 The pumpkin candies are mostly to make it look pretty, the candies (sprinkles really) melt in the first steeping and do not add anything to the tea itself. The dried pieces of squash and carrot are what really make it taste like pumpkin (Most pumpkin pies/pumpkin pie filling is actually squash) .


  1. Hi there - I think I may be a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to tea!

    Straight forward tea for me!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. I'm like a little kid chasing after flavored teas. Though once in a while I will have a plain cup of tea, darjeeling is good straight.