The Cats - Cleaning my Room

The floor in my room was getting filthy, so I finally got around to cleaning it. Poor Cheeto was traumatized. Like all cats she hates vacuum cleaners, noisy things that eat dirt and secretly want to eat cats. But it's not the vacuum cleaner that really scares Cheeto. What she is really afraid of is the mop.

($140 for a mop head? really? Will anyone reading my blog pay half that for an entire mop complete with bucket, water and Mr Clean? I need to find better ads)

I'm not sure why she is so afraid of the mop, but I remember her being afraid of a rag mop as a kitten. The mop was not doing anything, it was just leaning against the wall. But Cheeto approached the mop like it was a strange dog. (Someone may have jiggled the mop handle so it moved when Cheeto got close enough to sniff it and made her jump... Cheeto is like a cartoon when she's spooked.)

Cheeto is a full grown cat so you would think she would have gotten over irrational fears but she is still afraid of the mop. She sat in the corner by the door and stared with her big yellow eyes as I ran the mop over the floor, skittering away in terror when I mopped near her. I wound up mopping my floor three times the floor was so dirty. Now that my floor is clean, dry and well polished Cheeto has ventured back into my room, making sure the mop is not hiding anywhere.

Oh, I set my sandwich aside and Tabitha is licking the bread on the floor, how much you want to bet it landed mayonnaise side down? Yeah, I feel like I accomplished nothing today now.

Anyways I've given some thought as to why Cheeto is afraid of the mop. In the cat language "Going under water" is synonymous with death. The mop head is frequently stuck in a bucket of soapy water, bobbed up and down, then rung out dripping liquid death back in the bucket, rubbed all over the floor only to repeat the death process. So to Cheeto the mop has to be something like a sadistic zombie movies, the kind I can only watch twenty minutes of before getting that sick feeling in my heart. So perhaps Cheeto's fear of the mop is not all that irrational.

And a picture of Pout to show that Cheeto has not taken over my blog again

Cats on Tuesday

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