The Cats - Birdwatching

Sorry for the delay, I know I have not posted since Thursday. I wanted to post yesterday about ice fishing but since I got skunked the only time I went since the Bullhead I could no motivate myself to write a worthwhile post about how cold it was and trying to admire the scenery and nature stuff... I've been really busy with school.

So on to Cats on Tuesday.

Cheeto has been taking over my blog even though she is technically not my cat. So today's post is all about Pout. Pout hates Cheeto and I do not know why, though her smacking his backside when Pout's guard is down has not helped.I took a quick video of Pout watching birds at the feeder. The video quality is lousy, a lot of glare from the window, and at one point you can hear my mother say something and me being snotty. But here's the video anyways, those following my blog via email might not get the video and will have to visit my blog for the video.

Pout is fun to watch. Sometimes if the birds are close to the window he will flatted his ears and duck his head so his eyes are barely over the sill, but of course he won't do that when I am recording a video.

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