The Cats - A Few Photos

I do not like all the junk in the background, but that's one of my best pictures of Pout. A nice profile, his whiskers pointed forward because he's smiling for the camera. See how handsome he is? Sleek black and white coat, bright eyes. I love my Little Boy.

I did not have much time to write much for this week, so it looks like it's just a bunch of nice cat pictures. The above is Cheeto cleaning out a yogurt container. I've been meaning to send this pic to Cabot, get Cheeto some sponsorship or something. Cabot's Greek yogurt is really good too, by the way, very thick and creamy. Their cheddar is great too, but Cheeto does not like cheese very much.

And Rivkah in a basket. The cats usually like to play under boxes or baskets, but not this one. After I took the picture I realized that Rivkah could not get out. I felt guilty but she was not under there too long, and it made a cute picture.

Cats on Tuesday


  1. I hadn't even seen the background, all my attention was drawn Pout ! Real beautiful capture ! I see you also have a white cat, and poor Rivkah had to pose under a basket ! Nice result !

    1. Cheeto is our resident white cat :) Pretty and she knows it.