Adagio - Earl Grey - Bravo and Moonlight

So I set down to do a post about some more of the Adagio teas I have tried in the past week. I go to draw up the tasting notes on Steepster and realize I had been too busy to do a Steepster review. But I did make some short reviews on the adagio site.

EG Bravo
First the Earl Grey Bravo. It's Adagio's version of Earl Grey, it's black tea with bergamot oil, but it also has orange rind and cornflowers. I steeped it for about 2 minutes with boiled water. My short Adagio review:
It tastes more of orange citrus than bergamot. A little harsh, very strong. I would not drink this without sugar. 
Earl Grey Bravo is not my favorite Earl Grey. It's cheap and will do if there's nothing else, but I do not plan on ordering more.

The Earl Grey Moonlight is supposed to be a creamy Earl Grey. Like the Bravo it's black tea, bergamot, orange rind and cornflowers but it also has vanilla and creme flavoring. I steeped it for about 3 minutes.

EG Moonlight, sans milk
Not as harsh as the Earl Grey Bravo but I still would not take this tea without a little sugar and some milk. 

If you want to try a creamy Earl Grey, Moonlight is not too bad. Not as good as NM Tea Company's Earl Grey Creme, but it's cheap and drinkable.

And while I am reviewing Adagio teas here's a $5 gift certificate at Adagios: 2680945299. The code is good for 24 hours for new Adagio customers.

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  1. I love all teas except mint tea !

    1. I'm usually not crazy about mint tea, but sometimes I come across a good one. the NM Tea Company's Casablanca is really good, black and green tea with peppermint and bergamot oil. I am trying to recreate Casablanca with EG Bravo and peppermint but so far do not have it right.
      Celestial Seasoning has a seasonal peppermint tea that I like, it's a decaf green tea, I think it's "Candy Cane Lane" or something like that. The box art is cute too.
      Then Evening in Missoula, my favorite tisane, I believe has some mint in it (amongst many other things). I might actually be reviewing Evening in Missoula this week.
      I rarely drink straight mint, it's a good herb for blending.