Wild Bird Wednesday - Sparrows and a Bluebird

Camera Critters

I have been really busy with classes, but while I have a chance I'll post a few bird photos. Most of them are feeder shots, quite a few sparrows (I love sparrows). I actually manged to take a half decent picture of a bluebird through the window.

Pout is a serious bird watcher.

Hungry little sparrow


I think they were robins, they're so far away they could just be rocks on the snow.
I was excited to see a woodpecker at the suet, a different species than usually is there but by the time I got my camera ready it flew away. Stupid bird. But then this bluebird showed up and hung out in the tree long enough for a quick shot. Bluebirds never seem to hang out at the feeder for long.


  1. Bluebirds are my favorite and the woodies too. Sorry, you missed your woodie shot. Have a great day!

  2. Hi there - nice shots - I like the pair of ears! A very keen birdwatcher no doubt!

    Cheers and thinks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. I just thought what an ideal TV show for cats, lol !