The Cats are cold

 Cats on Tuesday

It is still winter and the cats are very cold, I am beginning to think their fur coats are for decoration. They cling to me all day long and make it just about impossible to get anything done. I barely got my spreadsheet assignments submitted on time. The only way I could get the cats to back off was to turn on my electric blanket and convince them to sleep on that for a while. That would work for a little while until the blanket either switched itself off or they got up to eat and decided I was closer to the food bowl than the blanket.

Even Tabitha, the least affectionate of the cats, has been getting clingy.

Cheeto on the mantle and the tall green thing to the right
The cats have been showing signs of wanting spring to hurry up and get here. Pout and Cheeto are both indoor cats (or are supposed to be) and since they can't be outside looking for fresh grass they have been getting into the houseplants. Out of hte corner of my eye  see this white thing flailing around and it's Cheeto attacking whatever this tall green thing is:

 Pout has been playing jungle cat in the spiderplant.


  1. My cats do the same, even Kim who is always outside is inside for the moment !
    It's hard to find you without subscribing to Google+, which I don't like, because you don't have mentioned the link to your blog ! I had to go into "about" to find your blogs !

    1. I regret switching to google+, I noticed that my traffic has slowed a lot since then and I am thinking of switching back.

  2. Hopefully spring will warm things up soon! Our cats lay right in front of the heater pretty much all day on cold days.

    1. The cats find me softer and more comfortable than the heater. Plus Rivkah tends to fall off the heater when she dozes off, usually I will catch her if she's on my lap lol.