Icefishing - Season Ends

No one is more disappointed than me to not have more posts about icefishing. This year was only slightly better than last year because I iced one fish, last year I didn't ice any. I really should have gotten a fishing license in another state that actually had a decent winter.

So unless I get to travel it looks like I won't be fishing through the ice until next winter... I plan on panfishing when the local pond thaws. And I will be trout fishing when trout season opens next month. Not as fun as chasing flags but it'll have to do. Tempted to rig one of my tipups with a pool noodle so I can have a floating tipup just so I can get a flag. Watch this spot for some open water fishing coming soon.


  1. Must be quiet an adventure ! I have never been on ice for fishing. Anyway I never fished either !

  2. Fishing is a great way to relax, it's about more than catching fish though that makes it more fun. Most people prefer open water fishing, especially from a boat. Maybe if I had a boat I would feel differently but I much prefer icefishing. No mosquitoes and considerably fewer ticks to worry about. It's not too hard to keep warm if you dress properly and don't go out when the wind is trying to blow you away.

    We got over a foot of snow last week but it has been so warm almost all of the snow has melted away. I will be checking my local pond in no time.