Cuppa Crew Tea - Tim Finnegan's Wake-Up

Once again I won some free tea. Cuppa Crew Tea is a new tea company and Tim Finnegan's Wake-Up is their first in-house flavored blend. As you can see by the photo to the left they're personable. The one ounce pouch is lined with plastic and a ziploc seal so the tea stays fresh.

Here is my Steepster review:

This is a powerful cup of tea! If you're not awake when you brew this tea you will be by the time you're halfway through the first cup. You can really taste the Irish bit.

Also very strong tea, I got 3 cups out of one teaspoon of leaves and it's only just starting to weaken.

First Steeping
It only takes about three minutes to brew a cup, boiled water. I like it with a little sugar and it's good with or without milk, it already has a drop of craythur (Irish cream).

I was not exaggerating about steeping the leaves three times, the second cup was nearly as dark as the first and tasted almost the same. Still bracing. I probably could have gotten a fourth cup out of the same teaspoon of leaves but I am trying to cut down a little on the caffeine.
Second Steeping

With Milk
 If you want to try your luck they're having another giveaway contest on their facebook page, this one for "King Cake Tea". This tea is so new it is not yet listed on their website so I do not know what is in it, but it sounds good. The contest ends Friday.

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