52 Teas - Browncoat Genmaicha

Browncoat Genmaicha
Sorry, no hot chocolate today, but instead I have a chocolate tea, Browncoat Genmaicha from 52 Teas.

Genmaicha is 'brown rice tea', green tea and roasted brown rice, some of the grains of rice pop like popcorn as seen in the picture to the right. Browncoat Genmaicha has chocolate added to it which makes pretty much everything better. 

Here is my Steepster Review

Browncoat Genmaicha
This is my first time trying genmaicha, and I do not think it was a bad introduction. This is also my first time trying anything from 52 Teas, I plan to try more of 52 Teas in the future.
In the first steeping the chocolate was very faint, barely there (Maybe my sample got exposed to too much light/air?) but it was still a really good cup of tea. So much like drinking slightly sweet popcorn.
Strangely the second steeping had a more chocolatey taste. Maybe I should have just steeped it longer the first time?
Makes me wish I had gotten around to watching Firefly so I know what this Browncoat is about.
 Unfortunately Browncoat Genmaicha was a limited edition and is now out of stock, though other 52 Tea blends have been revived with enough demand. Besides Browncoat Genmaicha there are other interesting blends at 52 Teas, free shipping in the US.

2013-01-31 - Update: 52Teas is now on a new website, Zoom Dweebie's, and has has a waiting list for the Archived Teas.

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