The Cats - How do I get anything done?

Cats on Tuesday

Cheeto in her proper place
I live with four cats, it's really a wonder I ever get anything done.Most of what I do is on my computer but Cheeto believes she belongs between me and the keyboard. If I am typing she likes to rest her head on my arm.As if that's not bad enough Cheeto has taken an interest in what I'm doing on the computer.
Looks like I lost my fingers...

And Cheeto isn't the only cat who has to be in the center of attention. Pout is ridiculously affectionate and clingy.

Pout in his proper place
I really don't think it's possible to make Pout leave me alone when he's in an affectionate mood.

I start classes today, all online, so of course Cheeto and Pout will be helping me.


  1. How cute ! I also live with four cats plus Mr. G. and the cats are always disturbing him when he is on his computer ! But he likes it, lol !

  2. Such wonderful helpers you have there! My cats come close and hang out with me, but do not usually block the screen or come on me when I'm at the computer. I wouldn't mind though if one laid on my lap while I typed.

    1. I wish my cats were lap cats, I don't think I've ever actually had one sit in my lap, they always have to be up in my face. Maybe if I got a seatbelt or something to strap them onto my lap they would become lap cats lol

  3. This post is so lovely!I'm always trying to help mommy when she is visiting blog friends, and sometimes I also want to type comments! MOL
    purrs and love
    and Happy Cats on Tuesday!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mom Léia

  4. Hello and tks for visiting :) We also have 4 cats and many people thought we were a bit crazy having so many, but we know of people who has more. Our cats are just super duper lazy and sleep all day. The only time they come near me, the human mummy to 3 kids and 4 cats...is when they want to eat. Cheeto is adorable :)

    1. The cats get even more clingy when they want something, especially when they know I have a pouch of cat treats. Sometimes I wish the cats were more like regular cats and knew how to be aloof.