Regina's Only Friend

I'm a fan of the TV show Once Upon a Time, so how about a post about Once Upon a Time?

Maleficent is really hurt right now
This is something that has been bothering me since the season one finale. Regina sends Emma under the library to see "an old friend" which turns out to be Maleficent trapped in her dragon form. Emma winds up having to blow her up with a well thrown sword, rumor has it Maleficent is still alive but usually when someone gets blown to ash they're pretty dead, or at least really hurt.

What I want to know is why Maleficent wound up getting the short end of the stick.

Regina was at her most evil right before she set the Dark Curse. For whatever reason Maleficent had traded her sleeping curse with Regina for the Dark Curse, probably to go after Sleeping Beauty (Aurora and/or Aurora's mother) But Regina is the sort of customer who would expect to get a full refund for any product that does not completely meet her every expectation. Because Snow was freed from the sleeping curse Regina uses that as a reason to get the Dark Curse back from Regina. Maleficent and Regina have a magic fight with lots of CGI, a miniature unicorn almost gets killed, and in the end Regina traps Maleficent with a bunch of chandelier loop things from the ceiling. Maleficent expects Regina to kill her but Regina does not because Maleficent is her only friend, and shows uncharacteristic mercy by leaving Maleficent to awkwardly squirm out of that stupid hoop thing but alive.
I killed my horse for nothing?! I look like such an idiot right now.

An undetermined amount of time later Regina first kills her horse, then her father (both things she loves the most) in order to enact the Dark Curse.

So Regina would not kill Maleficent because she was her only friend but cursed her worse than most. Even Mary Margaret got to be human, interact with other people, go places around town. But Maleficent got stuck in her dragon form, trapped in some underground caves, completely alone, with nothing to do but move Snow White's glass coffin around (The coffin was under the abandoned mines in "Still Small Voice" but was under the library/town in "Land without Magic". Some people wonder why some of the glass was broken, I'm surprised the dragon didn't smash it completely.) as her only piece of furniture, for 28 years.

Why (and how) Maleficent was trapped in dragon form is something I would like to know. Maleficent was not the only shape shifter; Regina herself shifted into a mouse to visit Rumpelstiltskin. Red was a werewolf but Ruby would not change in Storybrooke because there was no magic. Isn't a dragon a magical creature and impossible to exist, fly and breathe fire in Storybrooke? It is possible that Maleficent was in her dragon form when the Dark Curse hit and so she stayed in that form. But Billy was never human in the Enchanted Forest, he was a mouse, Gus, and possibly was briefly a horse if they want to borrow from the Cinderella story. For some odd reason Gus got turned into a human when he was brought to Storybrooke. So even dragon Maleficent should have been turned back into a human when she was brought to Storybrooke.

Could Maleficent get pregnant from this?
Maleficent being a dragon in Storybrooke could not have been unintentional, what Regina said to Emma about Maleficent being trapped in a different form suggested that Regina did it on purpose. Why did Regina do that to her? Did Maleficent remember her previous life, or did she get her memory erased like everyone else? And how emotionally scarred was Maleficent after having Charming shove that egg in her gills? Or is her dragon form like Red's Wolf form before she learned to embrace the Wolf, in blacked out dragon rage?

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