Hot chocolate

Today's Daily Cup is full of Hot Chocolate. 

Isn't that beautiful? I wanted hot chocolate but was of milk, which would be a tragedy if not for the vanilla ice cream in the freezer. So I made the hot chocolate with water (Melaleuca's gourmet cocoa) and plopped a scoop of ice cream on top. Regular mini marshmallows would have been better, but those are the candy cane flavored marshmallows. Very pretty. Together it all tasted amazing.

Vanilla ice cream is great in hot drinks. I love having a mug of hot apple cider then a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, all melted and creamy. It's better than hot apple pie with ice cream, especially if you heat the cider with a cinnamon stick.

 While still on the subject of hot chocolate here is a mug of Land of Lakes French vanilla & hot chocolate, a little milk added (now I'm out of ice cream!) It's not as fancy as the hot chocolate with ice cream but still good. No marshmallows in this cup, I don't need it to be any sweeter than it already is.

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