The Cats

I am a crazy cat lady. I only own two cats, but the four that I live with all act like I'm their human.

Rivkah is also part unicorn
Rivkah is my 11 year-old Abyssinian mix. She will ignore me for days as if forgetting I even exist. Then she sees me, makes eye contact, then this happens:

Cat rolls Cheeto and Tabitha
She can't get enough of me. She purrs like a mad thing, head butts, rubs, tries to merge with my windpipe. Love from Rikah is a dangerous thing.


Some cat owners don't let their cats sleep in their bed... Obviously that's not the case with me. The cats sleep in my bed more than I do. Notice that Rivkah is not in the picture of the other cats sleeping in he bed? That is because Rivkah really hates cats. I'm afraid of what Rivkah would do if she ever recognized her own reflection in a mirror, she might kill herself she hates cats so much. Rivkah usually ignores the other cats and if they get too close she snarls and smacks them. Some nights if it is really cold Rivkah will sleep in the bed with me and hte other cats... those nights I sleep little because she gets cranky if I move, snarling at me, though at least she won't smack me like she does to the cats.

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