Ice Fishing - Getting antsy

The weather has not been helping. It's not staying as cold as I'd like, a lot of snow and ice melting, and as if that's not bad enough it has even rained. I'm getting really antsy and eager to get on the ice. I am really scared of this year turning out like last ice season, last year the weather was so messed up I only got out on the ice two times and didn't catch any fish, not even a slime dart.
Pout pretending I caught him.

I have carefully looked over my gear. Made the very unpleasant discovery of a bottle of crappie attractant had leaked in my icebag, getting all over my little tackle boxes. It was disgusting and smelled terrible, everything was sticky, it took me a couple hours to clean up the mess.Checking the line on my tip ups and jigging rods and tying on my favorite lures was a lot more fun.

If only I could get some decent ice.

I did a little open water fishing at a nearby stream. I lost one of my favorite lures in a tree because I suck at casting. I managed to catch a big fallfish. It will make decent pike bait, I'm hoping to ice a pike this year.

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