Design a Tea

Design a Tea is a nifty site. They're not as fancy as Adagio, much simpler. You pick a base tea (black, green, oolong, roobios) then up to two different flavors. You can have your tea bagged or looseleaf. They also have other options where you can blend in an herb. Design a Tea tries to stick with organic teas and only uses organic flavoring.

Pumpkin Apple
Another nice thing about Design a Tea is that for $1 for shipping they'll send two free samples (and a coupon for $2 off your next order, limit one per customer) I like a good deal and trying new teas so I gave it a shot. My first tea was a black tea, flavored apple and pumpkin. The second tea roobios flavored with chocolate and cherry.

They shipped fast, less than a week letter I had an envelope with two tea bags, individually wrapped in plastic.

I tried the Pumpkin Apple black tea first. I didn't care for the scent very much but I did not order this tea to smell it. I stepped it for about 5 minutes, added a little sugar and took a sip. I could not taste any pumpkin, but I could actually taste apple, most apple teas I can only taste cinnamon. So I was impressed by an apple tea that actually tasted like apple.

Cherry Chocolate Roobios
My mother saw the packet for the Cherry Chocolate roobios and asked me how to pronounce it. I'd always pronounced it roo-be-ohs, glad I haven't talked to anyone who knows better because it can also be spelled rooibos and pronounced ROY-bos. Learn something knew every day, and every day I find out I was wrong about yet another thing. The packet did have an error on it though, rooibos is caffeine free but chocolate is not.

I had the cherry chocolate rooibos tea with milk and sugar, the cherry flavor dominated the tea but I could taste hints of chocolate.

I will probably order from Design a Tea in the future, shipping is only $5 and their tea is not too expensive. I will probably choose different flavors next time though.

Update 2013/01/15- A message from Design a Tea:
When you request your samples – we have to create that sample to order. We have to get the flavor blend right, not with a 60 gram order blend, but all in a 2 gram (single serving). Boy, that can be a challenge at times. And sometimes a flavor gets beat-up by a stronger one (Sorry LAZEY)- but all is not a wash. If you enjoyed a particular sample (some you won’t and you’ll find yourself saying.. what was I thinking??)-when/if you actually order it- mention in the “Comment Section” during check out – you want more pumpkin or less coconut. We’ll give it the college try… heck that’s what we do… fine tune your custom designed teas every time you order. That in itself is another big difference, we as a small tea company can offer. 
Sweet! So that puts them on the same level as Adagio. So give Design a Tea a shot, or at least try their free samples.

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