Casablanca Tea

I like New Mexico Tea Company's Casablanca, as you can see in my post on Steepster:
I love my bergamot.
I got this as a free sample from the NM Tea Company and I wish I had a couple ounces of it, this is good stuff. I’m usually not too crazy about mint teas because the mint tends to get overpowering, but in this tea I can also taste the tea and more importantly the bergamot. The mint blends well with it.
I only meant to steep this tea for 2 minutes but got distracted, I think it would be better with a shorter steeping time but it was still good. Added just a little sugar and drink it like I drink my regular Earl Grey – enjoying and trying to make it last instead of gulping it down too fast.
NM Tea Co Casablanca

It is a very attractive tea, one of the best smelling I've ever sniffed. I'd like to get a shower gel that smells like this.

Like Dorian Grey there are several teas with this name but are different, a lot of them are actually tisanes. 
  • Pekko Teas Casablanca is a fruity herbal; Luxury natural dried apple pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Elderberries, Maracuja pieces, Sunflower petals, Passion flowers, Rose petals, Raspberry pieces, Strawberry pieces, Kiwi pieces, Cornflower petals, Natural flavors.
  • Culinary Teas Casablanca is also herbal; Hibiscus petals, Rosehip chips, Dried apple pieces, Dried strawberries, Dried currants, Cornflower petals, Calendula petals, Natural Flavors 
  • The Tea Table Casablanca herbal, dried apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip peels, elderberries, raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, and passion fruit pieces, sunflower, cornflower, and rose petals, and natural flavors.
  • Special Tea Casablanca Is a fruity black tea, ceylon black tea, safflower, rose petals, natural flavor. Special Tea also has roobios Casablanca.
  • Mariage Freres Casablanca is similar to NM Tea Casablanca, green tea with Moroccan mint and bergamot-flavoured tea
  •  Leland Tea Co Casablanca is a white tea with Mediterranean fig.
I plan on putting in another order with NM Tea Co in a couple weeks, it's a little more expensive per ounce than ETS but you have the option of buying as little as 1 oz at a time, free shipping on any order and free samples so it's still a good deal. NM Tea Co is also the cheapest I've seen this version of Casablanca tea.

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  1. Its a play on "Moroccan Mint" which is green tea and mint. So in my mind any Casablanca should be, at its heart, a mint green tea! ;)

    Thanks for the kind words about our store.

    David Edwards
    Owner - NM Tea Co.