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So about Once Upon a Time, are they ever going to find out who Cora murdered instead of Archie? Or care?
Marco: We should find out who it is if only to get the right name on the gravestone.
Archie: Actually I like it, I was thinking of taking it up to my office and using it to prop up my umbrella. It would make a nice end table and conversation piece.
David: It's nice when things work out. Like how I never went after the guy in the gross red hat who chained Belle in the lobotomy roller coaster, and just let her father go free. And let the Huntsman who saved me and my wife continue be Regina's prisoner, and only the fans have mentioned Graham's name since Emma was elected sheriff.
(And we all just hope Spencer was locked up for killing Billy, though considering who else David let run free David might have just figured Billy was just a mouse and wasn't going to kill again.)
Granny: What about the guy who runs the bait shop that disappeared? Or the twit who used to be friends with Ruby?
Leroy: Are you taking a census? 
Ruby: We're trying to forget the Cinderella story except for the bit about Emma owing Gold a favor. And I'm BFFs with Mary Margaret and Crazy Belle now. Ella crashed my car and got gross labor stuff all over the upholstery.

Belle has become more interesting, she did more than be a prisoner for a change. She got wasted at a dwarf bar at least two days in a row and while drunk went monster hunting. By the end of The Outsider  there were less Belle haters in the OUAT fandom, but of course Belle has forgotten all the cool stuff she did in her past life and is back to her Cursed self, but Crazy Belle might be more interesting than in love with the Dark One Belle.

And speaking of Cursed selves, did anyone else think that Belle's reaction to Philip being the fire dog strange?
Belle: You have a festering arrow wound and need medical attention but you can repay me for restoring you by helping my friend. She is also injured and can hardly walk so it's up to your injured self to find and carry her to a doctor.
Philip: I'm already in a town and there's a better chance of getting help here but let's go into the woods to find your friend.
So Belle takes Philip to Mulan.
Belle: This guy was a demon fire dog terrorizing people but I'm sure he's an okay guy and not dangerous in any way so I'll leave you two wounded people to take care of each other while I go over this ridge and get captured by Regina which neither of you will hear or respond to.
Philip: Was Belle screaming at someone?
Mulan: She's probably just engrossed in a book, sounds like Twilight, her money was on Jacob which was stupid since even people who didn't read those books know she stays with the sparkly guy.

Sorry no pictures in this post, you'll have to use your imaginations or just watch The Outsider again. 

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