Cheeto's fur isn't warm enough

It appears that Cheeto's fur is not warm enough.She burrows underblankets, making some odd photos. Not sure what to make of her expression in the last pic.

Cheeto did not appreciate the unflattering photos, I left my camera on the desk and left my room for three minutes, I come back and my camera is gone. For a minute I thought it had been stolen, then I found it on the floor. Fortunately it had not been damaged.

I guess I'm lucky to not be sleeping on the floor.

Cats on Tuesday


  1. I am in the same case ! My bed is crowded, lol ! Good bed warmers though !

  2. Cheeto my dear, you got to pop over and join us here in sunnmy Malaysia :)

    1. :D Cheeto would love that. She loves the sun.