Ice fishing - Coming soon!

It's winter and ice fishing season is beginning. People in my area are starting to fish through the ice. For safety's sake I am waiting a little longer to go out on the ice, give the ice time to thicken because I'm fat and don't want to fall through the ice. By this weekend I hope to do some ice fishing, hoping to catch some perch and maybe a rainbow trout, I would not complain if all I caught was pickerel. There's nothing more exciting than seeing a flag go up.

 In the meantime I'm dusting off my gear, checking the line on my tip-ups, and trying to arrange my ice sled. It's not a very big sled and I have to pull it by hand so it's a challenge to make everything fit and balanced. Right now my sled is a chaotic mess. I have a week to straighten it up. I had better get to work.


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